Avowed Has A Third-Person Mode

Avowed Has A Third-Person Mode

Published on 10 Jun 2024

If you were interested in Obsidian’s next RPG, Avowed, but would rather play it in third-person, then you’re in luck. Xbox had a deep dive showcase today showing some Avowed gameplay, and the Game Director Carrie Patel discussed more details about the game, as well as revealing that it can be played in third-person.

Most of the footage shown was in first-person, however, there was a very short section in third-person (from 10:35 in the video below), which gives us a glimpse of the alternative perspective. This option allows players to switch between perspectives, catering to different play styles and preferences. Avowed is set in the fantastical world of Eora, known from the Pillars of Eternity series, promising deep lore and captivating quests.

The addition of third-person mode is particularly noteworthy for fans who prefer to see their characters in action, offering a more dynamic and varied gameplay experience.

Avowed is set to release sometime this year on PC via Steam and the Windows Store, as well as on Xbox Series X|S. It will also be available on Xbox Game Pass day one.